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About Me

We are not separate from nature or each other,

and the way forward is Love.

I spent my formative years in Caledon, Ontario, indulging in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and more. My love for nature and spending time outside has been an integral part of my life since childhood.


In my early adult years, I pursued a successful career in technical sales, but I always felt that something was missing. Eventually, my desire to engage in meaningful work superseded my need for financial gain, and I made the decision to quit.


As I took the time to rediscover myself and my purpose, I found that nature played a crucial role in my personal growth and healing. Spending intentional time in the great outdoors helped me establish a deep connection with the environment, leading to a deepened sense of wonder, play, and awe. Over time, this became a driving force in my mental, emotional, and spiritual development.


One day, a friend introduced me to the concept of Shinrin Yoku, also known as Forest Therapy. Fascinated, I delved deeper into the subject and trained with the Global Institute of Forest Therapy to become a certified Forest Therapy Guide.


I am also certified in various modalities such as Professional Life Coaching, Happiness Life Coaching, Mindfulness Practitioner training, Permaculture Design, Soul Coaching, and Reiki Level I. Today, my focus is on sharing my knowledge and guiding others to connect with nature purposefully.


As a guide, I use various techniques and practices such as Forest Therapy, Meditation, Soul Coaching, Shadow work, Visioning, Embodiment practices, and Heart-centered authentic communication to create a safe and comfortable therapeutic space for individuals to connect in deep and transformative ways. Through this work, I invite people to explore new ways of perceiving, being, and showing up in life, creating opportunities for positive impacts on their relationships with Self and others.


My mission is to help people connect with Nature meaningfully and consciously. So, join me in the forest, and let's embark on this journey together.

Climbing trees
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