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Soul-Guided personal Transformation

“A thriving, life-enhancing culture is ... more like an organic mycelial network than an assembled apparatus or a strategically structured contraption. Soul-initiated Adults and Elders are the seeds of a living, growing culture. Their intermingling vision projects are its mature forests. The self-organizing more-than-human world of a particular place, along with the sacred stories that grow out of that place, makes up its soil. Evolution-driving Mystery (love) is its rain and sunshine.”

― Bill PlotkinThe Journey of Soul Initiation

Soul-Guided personal transformation work is an intuitive fusion of:

Soul Centric Being
Authentic communication
Emotional & energetic awareness
Sensing & navigating the shared field
Spiritual counselling
Intuitive guidance
Guided & interactive meditation

Cultivating deep present moment awareness encourages aspects within us that have outlived their purpose – such as limiting beliefs, ingrained patterns, and suppressed emotions and energies – to naturally come into conscious awareness.

In this transformative state of connection, anything incongruent with our authentic essence will naturally begin to release itself, inviting profound wisdom, insight, and guidance from an increasingly evolved and genuine version of ourselves.

Session options to give you flexibility on your journey

Hiking through forest

In Person

In person sessions can be held at your home, or out in nature.

Being held by nature and the energies of the more-than-human world is a potent addition to the powerful aspects of this methodology.

Guided Meditation


The collective energetic field is independent of time and space and as such, online sessions are an easy and accessible way to explore this work.

Venturing out into the Forest to chase t


For those looking to commit to their journey of personal transformation, multi session packs, and time based (eg. 3, 6, or 12 months) packages can be curated.

Single 60 minute sessions: $80 | 4 session pack: $280 
Hiking Path in Forest

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