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Green Hills
  • Can I bring children and animals?
    Children around 10+ are usually welcome on Forest Therapy and Nature Connection experiences. While both children and adults these days may have difficulty moving slowly and silently, children may get bored and call the attention of parents or other participants which can affect their experiences. Bringing animals is sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. It depends on many factors such as location, type of experience, public vs private experiences, etcetera so send me a message and I'll let you know. Ultimately you know your children and animal companions best. Will they behave themselves and not distract you or others? If so then they are likely welcome, but please still check with me about bringing animals due to laws, allergies, fears, and such.
  • Do you offer group experiences, corporate events, or workshops?
    Absolutely! As an Intuitive Nature Connection Guide, the experiences I lead can be held one-on-one or in groups. Nature connection experiences are wonder-full team building opportunities as well as powerful tools for increasing focus and productivity in your teams. As such they are excellent and potent additions to your corporate, social, and team retreats and events. I also Love to co-create with other facilitators and creators. My guided therapeutic nature experiences can help deepen experiences at retreats and events based around: yoga, meditation, wellness, somatic practices, tantra, menswork, rewilding, sustainable living, wilderness retreats, etc...
  • Do you offer experiences in Fall and Winter?
    Yes! Nature connection is powerful through all seasons. The cycles of the seasons are powerful portals, inviting us to explore the cyclical nature of our experience and life itself. Most of these experiences include a lot of slowness and stillness while focusing on our senses, dressing warmly in cool to cold weather is very helpful. We don't build up a lot of body heat and being comfortable is important for maintaining focus and connection. Check the weather, dress warmer than you think you need to, have waterproof clothing and footwear, and bring something to sit on if rain or snow is expected.
  • You use the word "Soul", so is this a religious practice?
    No, this is not specifically a religious practice. Guided Soul Connection is open and accessible to all people, regardless of faith or belief systems. While the word ‘Soul’ may hold a charge for some - especially if they were introduced to it in a religious context and teaching which doesn’t resonate with them - what we are acknowledging here is that the journey to true health and wholeness is ultimately a spiritual one, and the word Soul is generally understood to mean one’s unique and deepest Self beyond the limitations of ego and mind-based constructs and conditioning.
  • What do you mean by Soul?
    The word ‘soul’ - in spite of any possible preconceptions or shortcomings - is familiar to most people as their unique deepest Self, and is acknowledged to be the part of ourselves which is not separate from the source energy of reality. By guiding people to connect with their soul voice, we are guiding people to establish direct contact with their unwavering wholeness and their unique soul gifts regardless of the life challenges they are currently facing.
  • Why might someone want to work with you as a Soul Connection Guide?
    Soul connection helps people to harness their capacity to connect with their own deepest source of guidance. To lean in to a desire to be in direct contact with their unwavering wholeness. They feel called to learn to read the blueprint of their unique soul contract, and find their purposeful life path. To feel lighter, more open and clearer. To learn perspectives and skills that are natural and can easily be brought into their lives. To feel innately connected to a deeper source of guidance and community. To give themselves more fully to their evolution.
  • What problem(s) does this solve?
    Rather than solving a problem, Soul Connection helps us reframe the entire concept of having problems. Through a practiced and developed capacity to connect with our deepest inner source of guidance, we open ourselves to the reality that every challenge is truly an opportunity to connect more deeply, and to know the fullness and wonder of each and every moment.
  • Why did you become a Soul Connection Guide?
    I resonate with the teachings of Caroline Marie Dupont and her certified Soul Coach program, and have added my own flavour and magick to create the container of Soul Connection Guidance. The takeaways I find most powerful with this methodology: It lets feelings not only be okay but be seen as sacred doorways into more evolved versions of ourselves. It puts us in ongoing touch with a trusted source of knowing that comes from within, rather than outside of us somewhere, which taps into our individual power and sovereignty. It recognises that every challenge can be seen as an invitation to connect more deeply, and to know the fullness and joy of this moment. It is a commitment to meeting everyone at the level of their fundamental wholeness and well-being. To be met in this way is not only rare, it sparks a deep remembrance in us that has the power to change everything.
  • I’m not sure this is for me. How do I figure it out?
    If you’ve come this far, there’s likely something here which resonates for you. If you’re open to it, I would like to offer a discovery call as my gift to you. No commitments, let’s just take some time to connect, chat, and see what arises. Head over to my Soul Connection page and submit the application form, indicating that you're interested in a Discovery Call.
  • What is MovNat?
    MovNat is a physical education system that emphasizes natural, functional movements which prepare your body for the challenges of real-life situations. We develop natural movement effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability (which translates to real-world capability) through natural movement patterns such as crawling, balancing, jumping, and climbing.
  • What can I expect from a MovNat training session?
    Your MovNat sessions will be tailored to your level of fitness and skill, and you can expect to be challenged both mentally and physically. We will work to improve your movement skills, increase your strength and endurance, and help you develop a deeper connection to your body and the natural world. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, MovNat training will help you move better, feel better, and live a more active and fulfilling life.
  • I have a health concern or injury. Is MovNat an option for me?
    As a certified MovNat trainer, I am here to help you reclaim your natural movement capabilities in a safe and effective training environment. Some MovNat techniques may need to be modified or avoided altogether depending on your specific health concern. However, MovNat's focus on natural, functional movements can actually benefit many health conditions, such as improving joint mobility and stability, reducing chronic pain, and improving cardiovascular health. MovNat is adaptable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Primarily, it is important to be open in communicating and discussing any limitations or concerns you may have before starting a training program. With proper guidance and modifications, MovNat can be a safe and effective way to improve your overall health and fitness, regardless of what limitation or challenges you are facing.
  • I'm not an athlete, and I don't want to be barefoot in the forest running, jumping, and climbing trees. So why would I do MovNat training?
    While MovNat training and skill development can allow us to run and play in the natural environment in some pretty cool and amazing ways, it all starts with daily-life movement ability. As we age, live sedentary modern lives, or get most of our physical activity through overly structured and unilateral gym exercises, things like range-of-motion, balance, and joint mobility tend to degrade. MovNat is a training system that focuses on natural human movement patterns, such as getting up and down from the ground, crawling, balancing, and lifting. These movements are essential for everyday life, and training them can help improve your overall health and fitness, regardless of your current level of athleticism. MovNat training is also adaptable to your specific needs and goals. As a MovNat Certified Trainer, I can work with you to create a customized training program that fits your lifestyle and preferences. So whether you want to improve your mobility, build strength, or simply enjoy being mobile and doing things like playing with your children or grand-children, MovNat training can help you achieve your goals in a fun and engaging way.

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