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Reconnecting fitness and Nature: A Look At "The Workout the World Forgot"

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The video by Erwan Le Corre which launched MovNat into the global spotlight

In a world inundated by artificially lit gyms, high tech foot binding devices ("running shoes") and virtual fitness programs, "The Workout The World Forgot" is a journey back to our primal roots. In his video, Erwan Le Corre - founder of the MovNat (Movement Natural - say it with a French accent) training system - invites us to embrace a more instinctive and holistic approach to fitness.

Within us there is an ancestral memory of movement that longs to be reawakened. We modern humans can learn to master again the ancient biotechnology that our bodie represent.

Erwan Le Corre - The Practice of Natural Movement

The breathtaking natural landscapes of Corsica, France set the tone for a workout that transcends the boundaries of conventional gym spaces. What unfolds is a captivating demonstration of strength, efficiency, agility, and mindfulness as a barefoot and bare chested Le Corre seems to flow almost effortlessly over, around, under, and through his environment.

Erwan Le Corre jumping between boulders in "The Workout The World Forgot"
Erwan Le Corre jumping between boulders in "The Workout The World Forgot"

A key strength of "The Workout the World Forgot" and MovNat itself, lies in its simplicity. Le Corre demonstrates that an effective fitness routine doesn't require complex machines or fancy equipment. Instead, we see him engaging with the natural world – from climbing trees to lifting rocks – emobdying fitness as a dynamic, adaptive, and connective practice.

"Adaptability is the holy grail of MovNat. [Moving in Nature] is what we have done throughout human history. But we have lost touch with the world that created us.

Erwan Le Corre - The Workout that Time Forgot, Outside

MovNat emphasizes functional movements with practical applications for everyone. We mirror the actions our hunter-gatherer ancestors performed daily for survival from crouching, sitting, and reaching right up to running, jumping, and climbing barefoot. Remembering these natural movement patterns and capabilities helps us as mordern adult humans safely and confidently do things like play with children, get up and down, and take care of ourselves and others into old age.

As a MovNat Certified Trainer, I challenge and support participants to move their bodies in ways which promote strength, flexibility, and coordination, all while fostering a deep connection between mind and body, and with the natural world.

MovNat isn't all about physical prowess; it particularly underscores the importance of mindfulness in movement. Le Corre demonstrates what it means to be present and intentional with each action, exercising the mind-body connection often overlooked in modern fitness routines. This holistic approach not only enhances functional fitness it also contributes to mental well-being.

What is truly captivating about the video is how easy Le Corre makes these skills look. As he runs, jumps, climbs, and swims, he is calm and efficient. MovNat focuses on practical movements executed as efficiently as possible, which means using minimum energy to achieve real-world situational effectiveness.

Le Corre's charisma and passion for natural movement are palpable throughout the video, making it both entertaining and inspiring. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast seeking a new challenge, someone looking to escape the monotony of the gym, or someone who simply wants to move better, MovNat and "The Workout the World Forgot" offers a refreshing perspective on what it means to be fit.

Erwan Le Corre's breakout video is a compelling reminder that the world is our gym, waiting patiently to support and enhance our physical well-being. "The Workout the World Forgot" challenges us to break free from the confines of traditional exercise and rediscover the joy and functionality of movement in its purest form.

Embrace the call of the wild and redefine your fitness journey with this transformative exploration into the natural movement that is your birthright.

Oh, and of course... A have a look at "The Workout the World Forgot". Enjoy!

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